Scientific research, technology and design unite in one vision, taking inspiration from the value of recycling and of enhancement. The main objective is to take the materials used for construction design to a new level of environmental sustainability by reusing locally-sourced industrial by-products.

EKONYA triggers a true virtuous circle at zero km in order to inject value into the entire supply chain and set up a network based on the key principles of the circular economy.


The sustainability of the product is combined with aesthetic refinement, which is also inspired by the concept of recovery. This union is intended as the revival of a tradition, that of the venetian terrace. The value of this workmanship returns in the EKONYA slabs, which boasts a refined texture that acts as a distinctive element as well as visual proof of the eco-sustainability of the product.


All products are made from the same innovative binding material. This material is customizable by colour and by choice of aggregate obtained from concrete, bricks, glass processing, natural stone and steel.


The research team has developed an innovative binding material, with very low environmental impact, based on the same technology of natural rock formation. Through a thermal and mechanical process aimed at maximizing the reactivity of secondary metallurgical scrap, a new by-product was created. This forms the binding base of EKONYA’S products.

The industrialization of EKONYA slabs replicates the natural process of rock formation with an innovative industrial technology, rendering a product that reaches and exceeds the technical properties of Portland cement.

In 2020, the company was selected among the best European startups that contribute to reducing environmental impacts on climate change.